'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

re-fi again? (a.k.a. re-re-fi?) (n.t.b.c.w. Rififi, a fun heist noir from 1955)

Did you know that mortgage rates have dropped down pretty low again?  I didn't, until last night.  Now today, on accounta having time off, I'm in the works with a re-fi that could pay off my other debt and give me a little savings starter, while reducing the term of my current mortgage by 2 years and only increasing my payment by a few hundred bucks.  Without the ever-lasting credit card roulette game and debt reduction spreadsheet in my life, a few hundred bucks shouldn't be too hard to handle.  Even when local property taxes next go up, which they keep doing.  And if it is, I could always refinance for a fresh 30-year, effectively giving up on ever paying the place off.  My hunch is that there's not much chance of me lasting 15 years to pay off the shorter one anyway.  I'm just attracted to the significantly lower rate for a 15-year.  It's a much bigger diff than that between the 20- and the 30-.

This isn't how I was figuring to spend a hunk of this Thursday of my week off, but I'm glad I did.  I've put in a coupla storm windows too, and am about to go out and top off the bird feeder and tie the gate shut--- the latch no longer catches, as the fence has settled.

Gosh, maybe I can get a stove AND get the yard cleared and sorta-fenced and then get a dog after I get back from my travels in the spring.  A dog would be easier with a fenced yard, right?

I don't want to get all carried away, though.  It feels like fanatasizing about what to do with lottery winnings, but it's maybe not even a fantasy.

It's cold out.  I've got an Imgur Secret Santa gift to get ready to mail, and other fun things on my to-do list.  The house is a mess, but life is good.

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