'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I had a perfectly lovely Thanksgiving.

It's a funny phrase, "perfectly lovely".  It puts a real intensifier on the lovely, yet at the same time it has the tiniest echoes of "perfectly good", which we all know means exactly the opposite of perfectly good.  If something isn't clearly less than perfectly good, it never gets called that.  And I suppose I could invent a more perfectly lovely Thanksgiving.  But mine was quite very lovely, pleasingly so.

At the movies in the evening I finally managed to cash in a free movie pass from back when a digital download of The Big Lebowski was so messed up all of us in the theater got a freebie for the future.  Thing is, with the online ticketing and seat-picking-out, I've not had an opportunity to use it.  But last night I traded it for a ticket to the Mr. Rogers movie later today.  At the time I forgot my plan to break out my new drill and look for some more of those long screws I surely have some left of in order to secure my front steps.  But it ain't all that if I don't do it today.  I don't even reckon to restain them until Spring---they're not too bad.  Or maybe I will, or touch 'em up with whatever leftover stain I have in the house.

Gosh I'm rambling.

I've been putting off firing up Stadia, on accounta the free Premium part running for 30 days, or 90 days, I forget.  It's silly, but I don't want to start my free timed however-much and then not use it much the first few days.

Did I mention I have leftovers?  I don't think I mentioned I have leftovers.

I have leftovers.

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