'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Today was the big day for arguments at the Supreme Court about some fundamental rights for queers.  Reports are that indications are of a split court, of course, with Gorsuch maybe giving some indication of willingness to break the right way.  Guess we'll find out eventually.

Meanwhile, I'm maybe back on with the song.  And chorus was good again.  And I'm taking time off this week to work outside a little; it'll be colder again next week--- highs in the high 60sF dropping to the high 50s or 60-ish, and even down to 48 in the next stretch.  Just gotta attend to some more trainee stuff, and go to a meeting about a thing, and take care of a few things.  But no packing or anything like that.

Now I'm hungry and don't want to cook dinner.  This happens a lot.  I shall solve it by procuring.  Mmmm to food when I'm hungry.
Tags: btt

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