'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

i'm a great aunt again, but feel way funny about it

Here's the catch: I didn't know they were expecting! Now, granted, the baby is pretty premature (and doing fine, it seems)---his name's Sam, and he's the child of my step-nephew (my brother's wife's son) and his wife.

It's throwing me rather for a loop, I must say.

Obviously I haven't been in very close touch with my relative and step-relatives, but I have had e-mails back and forth with my brother off and on, and talked to him on the phone in, what, July? Early August? I'm not sure.

I feel very distant from all of them now.

Last year we were back from Holly's family's at Christmas and about to head out to see mine when she dropped the bombshell. We hadn't been out there the year before, either, I don't think. Or is that right. I'm fuzzy about it now. I know we didn't go to either family's the year we were in Georgia, mainly because H's family came down there for Thanksgiving.

I was just telling somebody the other day how I used to argue that men shouldn't complain about not knowing they have children, since to know if it's at least possible they just have to be in some modicum of contact with the women they've fucked, for mere months after the event. The idea is that they don't deserve to know. There's no denying it: I don't deserve to have known to expect a great-nephew.

I've not been good about keeping up with the great-nieces, after all.

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