'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

The vet is encouraged.

I felt all discombobulated after talking to the shelter clinic woman today, while driving in to work.  Then as I started to pull into the parking lot, the hula hoopers were in the way, so I backed out and parked in front of a fire plug while we finished talking, then drove in the exit and did some repeated three-point turning to get in line to pull into a spot without plowing over any hip swingers.  Cuz I'm considerate like that.  There were too many lines of talk and layers of encoding in that phone call.  Plus I never did get coffee today, and now it's 1:10pm so I feel like I should just do without.  Maybe just the 10¢ cup, not "strong", when I go retrieve my nuked lunch in a minute.

But the call yesterday evening with the vet made me feel almost elated with my increased willingness to let hope in.  Like maybe he really will get better, and soon be able to run around and use whatever litter box and, I dunno, eventually sleep curled up next to his brother, if they're into that.

Just googled how to fix a calf cramp.  Dunno why but I've had one for the better part of a day now.  Like a knot in the calf.  It's unpleasant.

Enough me talking out my fingertips semi-randomly.  Time to retrieve that lunch.  Will give y'all a postcard shortly.

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