'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I missed the Postcard of the Day anniversary.

In the middle of all the cat doings I didn't notice it was time to post my annual round-up.  So this year it'll be a little more than annual.  It takes a little time to put it together, but that'll appear soon.  (For me it works like an index, so I like doing it.)  I also need to find a card to fit the little tradition of the first of the new season.

Had the new guy back at the vet's yet again yesterday.  I'm hoping he's generally on the mend.  Also the shelter has indicated it might be willing to help with some of the bills, so I need to get some invoices and records over to them.  Seems like the bills are not done adding up, but I can use whatever help they'll provide.  The kitty's back on more painkillers, as part of a veritable smorgasbord of drugs.  He was acting nuts last night.  This morning he was mostly enjoying his bathing, which can only happen when he has the cone off and is fully supervised; we've worked out a way I can keep covering his stitches when he gets near there and he can be his fastidious self with the rest of his surface area.

When I've gotten to sleep lately, I've slept pretty well, so that's nice.  Also I'm in a spell of little to no knee pain.  These boons are like little gifts from the unknown source of beneficence.

Oh, I forgot to say:  the tech this time at the vet's is the very person who rescued the little Tiger / Gunner / Ginsberg / Alejandro J. Horkheimer.  How 'bout that?  A guy working at her farm spotted the cat being thrown from a moving car, and together they saved him.  The tech really wanted to keep him, but she already has 2 cats and a dog.  Her friend at the humane society'd been keeping her posted on his progress, and then she recognized him at the vet's.  We exchanged pictures of him later.  She seems to think I'm an acceptably good adopter for him.  :)

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