'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

I didn't forget this week.  This is one of my floral options.  It's a nice soft cotton, and easy to tie.  Got it on clearance, fortunately, cuz that tie place isn't cheap at full price.

After work today I went to the cat café, to check out cats who were interacting with other cats.  They're not "on sale" cats, in terms of reduced adoption fees this week, like the ones at the shelter, but I thought I would anyway.  The one guy I started to fall for is cuddly and also demonstrated some good conflict resolution instincts in a little moment with another cat.  But it turns out not only does he have one eye that doesn't blink and is squinty, and some probably related neurological stuff that makes him sometimes a tad unsteady in gait (but he deals with it fine), but he has a moderately pronounced heart murmur, and it's unknown whether that's just a congenital thing that might never cause much problem or a developing heart disease issue.  I didn't immediately consider it a dealbreaker, but I'm just now in my first week in several years of not having a sickly or sickly-ish cat.  And I'm still paying for the last weeks with my dog, from last year.  I mean, any adopted pet can turn out to have or soon develop sickness.  Yet maybe it's not good enough self-care for me just now to take on that fine fella and his heart murmur.

But I've not done much research about it, and maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and know I want to call and claim him.  I dunno.

I do think my guy would like a buddy.  Besides me.  I can be a pretty good buddy, but I don't play like another cat, or give mutual cat baths, and I go off to the office, when all the housepets don't.  Plus what if he wants to complain ABOUT me?
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