'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

tempted already?

Kerri told me that the local shelter is full up and is thus this week offering pay-your-own-choice-of-fee-even-$0 for adoptions of animals 6 months old or older.  So I went to the website.  And I wonder how soon I could get the house in order for a new kitty, or new kitties.

Just look at this face:

There's also a pair of 10-month-olds who are bonded and come as a package deal, and are cuter than the Dickens (cuz, let's face it, how cute is Dickens).

Maybe it wouldn't be totally nuts to end up with 3 cats and a dog, for a while.  Maybe?

I mean, a recent example in ljworld suggested that one could just go out and get another pet without an extended period of mourning.  Particularly if it's a cat.  Cats are so easy.

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