'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

survived "Survivor" premiere

I managed not to watch the opener of Survivor last night, thus likely sparing myself a standing date with the TV for the next however many Thursday nights. Phew! Looks like this remission of my TV addiction (treated recently mainly by with borrowing lots of DVDs from the library and not yet breaking down and getting cable) may continue, as I've evaded succumbing to the first, most infectious exposure to a particularly virulent pathogen.

It's embarrassing to admit I ever got sucked into Survivor. What's evil about that sort of "reality" TV show is that you really have to watch it in order, it can't be enjoyed (won't even likely be on) in reruns, and it can somehow make me know I'll regret missing one. With a favored sitcom, fer instance, it's good to miss episodes so you'll have some you haven't seen to enjoy when the show's over and being run in syndication. (Spoken like a true addict, keeping a stash.)

I dunno. I don't actually enjoy Survivor, or something like Big Brother (another show I didn't let myself get sucked into this year), the (relatively) carefree way I enjoy other shows. Hard to explain. I want to see what happens with whom, but I know I'm being manipulated in my "appreciation" for the pseudo-interpersonalrelations going on, and---though/because I'm well manipulated, and thus compelled to check in and follow it---I have an uneasy feeling about the whole business.

Instead of inviting the addiction for this season, last night I hung out with onstar and bigfinedaddy. What fine women! I do so enjoy their company. So much, and in such a way, that I tend (especially in that certain altered state) to wax on rather very. Running my mouth, as they call it on the Eastern Sho'. Well, maybe running one's mouth implies a certain element of gossip or indiscretion---is that so, vjsmom, or other Sho' people, or people who have the feel of that expression? Maybe "running at the mouth" or some variant would be better. Anyway, as Holly's grandmother observed, I do like to "sit and visit," and I had a grand time doing just that last night. As I said at evening's end, it was like having a nice hunk o' weekend in the middle of the workweek.

And much more fun than Survivor woulda been.

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