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Bow Tie Tuesday

Oops.  Guess what I forgot today.

The day was way off from the start, after not getting to sleep until after 5, and this and that, including going by the body shop for their first look at the damage the insurance person examined last week, from the incident when I was trying to parallel park outside trivia last week and the other trivia-going woman hit me.  Turns out a piece of rebar under the bumper was compromised, so it's probably good I'm not just living with the denting and scraping, even though this one thing I thought might rust turned out to be plastic.  Just not so obviously plastic, like the bumper itself.

So I'm not going to take it in right away and am considering a rental car, vs. hoofing it and taking busses or maybe Lyfts or something.  I can get a rental car deal, but I feel like an old guy not having used ride sharing services.  So this could be my chance.  That said, I never know when my mobility will be diminished from various mobility diminishing factors.  Something to think about in the next few days.  It'll probably take them 4 days to fix it, so if I'm going to rent a car I'd like to minimize the number of days for that, so taking it in on a Monday could be strategic.

In other insurance-related news, an insurance company had this suggestion for me today:  "commemorate your birthday by giving your family the gift of life insurance."  They're even suggesting it far enough ahead of time that I could easily do it in time.  They say that with their brand of life insurance "you can make a promise to help protect your loved ones through all of life’s special days."  Like the day I croak on them, presumably.

Don't tell USAA that, instead, I just ordered myself 6 Fiestaware "bistro" dinner plates, in a variety of colors.

I wasn't thinking of them as commemorating my birthday, but I reckon I can, thanks to my insurance company's considerately reminding me to commemorate it.  I don't mind the dinner plates I have now--- a combo of the white diner-style ones I got myself at a Wms & Sonoma when I was about 23 and the baby blue Russell Wrights that were a wedding present to my parents.  But as I finish up the living room painting and turn toward making my kitchen more like what I would like it to be, some new plates just for me as a grown-up old lady seem like not too indulgent a treat.

I didn't get the deep purple ("mulberry") one, even though it would look nice in the stack, cuz I didn't think I'd like eating off it as much as offa some of these colors.  None of the available greens were very appealing to me either.  Just as well.  6 dinner plates oughta be enough.

I hear it's hot outside.  The cats are probably happy with the open windows at home.  I'm happy for the workplace A/C.  Seems like I forget every year until summer that summer's not when I want to take days off to do stuff at home.

There's one little repair spot I'm still working on with the lavender; I peeled tape off too soon and brought 2 small paint sectors with it.  I think a little sanding is next, on the patching I've done, and then maybe another brush layer before I pull the roller out of the refrigerator where it's staying viable in aluminum foil.  The baseboard painting remains, and that's no quickie, but I don't plan to belabor it either.  I'm hoping I can avoid the quarterround with a sheet of paper as a guard, vs. a bunch more taping.  But a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  And this girl, though she likes having done a nice job, also strives not to be too persnickety.
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