'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I think I'm taking today off, on the movies.

The program of Jewish shorts is the one calling me most loudly.  But so's a nice night at home.  And yeah I'm sure there's some joke about old people in both Florida and Bermudas to be made there (Jewish shorts).  I forgo that too.  Forego.   Fore-go.  Forg; oh.

The big question tomorrow is whether to see two in the auditorium(s) of Angell Hall, or just one, followed by a drive to Royal Oak for the comedy vampire romance.  I can catch the Serbian Kaktus Kid animation documentary later if I get Bite Me in earlier.  But I'm kinda into seeing 2 in a row at the downtown theater that used to be a department store (even if Detroit proper sometimes makes me miss Baltimore, or just being a kickin'-around city dweller in tawdry old spaces with other marginal folks).

Yeah, I need today off.  I'm already at 14 screenings since Friday night.  I call caesura.
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