'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,


The week's getting away from me. My home and work "when-it-is-in-the-week" clocks are both head-scratchily confused. And I don't think it's just having had Monday off. I buy that it's Thursday, but I'd buy that it's Tuesday or Monday or Friday, too, should it be told me by a straight-faced usually-reliable source. I don't think I'd think it was Wednesday, at least. Or Saturday or Sunday.

I'm also confused about how next to try to communicate with H., and am putting off deciding (even though there's an odd sense of urgency underlying that business, too). It's not clear (big surprise) whether she's expecting me to call, given the last message from her and circumstances surrounding it. I should probably feel good that I've been more successful than usual in not torturing myself about what she might or might not be thinking/wanting/expecting, but I'm torturing myself plenty with other thoughts of the situation (some days more than others), and even a little bit about "what if she thinks I'm not returning her call"---so no patting of self on back is merited.

Here's a common self-torture thought, e.g.: pretty pitiful not just to be over that whole thing by now, isn't it?
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