'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Today's tie, the last one I made, looks to me like stained glass.  Kinda synchronistic, it being on tap for the day it seems that the Notre Dame windows may survive the big fire.  (I heard on the radio today that they're not sure yet whether they were significantly damaged.)

I can't think of any place or building or monument or construction in the U.S. that we'd all be drawn together in sadness over the loss of.  Sadness like that.  Don't say 9/11; that was different.

Heading home to get the kitty and take her to the vet now.  I'll be all dressed up, cufflinks and everything.  But, y'know, tennis shoes.  Which aren't tennis shoes, and aren't called tennis shoes any more, but that's the first thing I called them, though I knew "sneakers" as well.

Happy Bow Tie Tuesday.
Tags: btt

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