'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

the big finale

Tonight's the night my TV show wraps.  It's the closest I've come to being a fan girl kind of fan, this show.  Today all kindsa publications are posting articles about it, and the twittersphere is all a-bubble, and grateful, and making jokes like ImNotSadYoureSad and other refs to this or that in our shared history of the extended work of art, and there are tons of (incorrect) lists about the Top x Songs from the show, where x is usually 10.  And I can listen to songs from the show as I work.  I feel like I should have a special dinner, too.  Cuz it's like a holiday.  Or more like a leap day, or no wait more like a once-in-a-lifetime thing, like the day a famous comet goes by or some other celestial thing happens that's gonna happen at some little moment in time, the only time (or at least the last time) it does in your life, and then that's that.

In other woidz, a big deal.

I was just telling somebody the other day about my mother and I trying to say "big deal"--- just those two words, as their own saying/utterance/sentence--- without sarcasm.  It ain't easy, is it?  You can maybe construct a context around it to help.  But it takes some tone-of-voice finesse even to approach it, when all you get is "Big deal."  Throw in that one little article, however, and it's a piece of cake (and a regular, sarcasm-free "big deal").

Here I put some words about art and what it means for quality of life and a sense of meaning in the world, which is (the world) so seemingly lacking in meaning for me, so much of the time.  So much of the time, especially when I'm on my own, things can get pretty floaty, and surreal, and disconnected-feeling.  Art transports.  Sometimes.  Y'know?

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