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Lisa & Sandi Go to the White Castle and Harold
& Kumar Go to the White Castle
and the White Castle

Long about 10:00 one night while vjsmom was here, I found out she'd never been to White Castle. We got a little silly & realized she could go not only to the establishment itself, but also to---showing at 10:25 at the Showcase---the new film about a trip to that particular stoner Mecca. And then, to round out the evening, we could stop on the way home for bookend sliders afterwards. Perfect!

She then had the idea of documenting the venture on film. (Maybe she was thinking, "What Would squirrelykat Do?") So here's the story, in pix:


(We've just gotten the idea.)

(We think it's pretty funny.)

ordering Drive-Thru! the sack

(I went with my usual cheeseburgers-no-pickles; she chose the pure slider for starters.)

S outside L outside

We got out to pose & eat.

One kid inside saw us taking pix & just had to come out and ask us about it. We obliged by telling him the tale of the evening. He seemed impressed! Soon, vjsmom took her first bites ever of the tasty, mushy pasty-beefish burger with moist steamed onion bits:

first bite, long shot . . . first bite, medium shot

Then we went to the movie:

H&K... title shot

It wasn't bad, really! There were two fairly cringy parts in which the over-the-top jokes referenced domestic violence & animal abuse, albeit in very over-the-top ways, the former in a clever sequence that refers mainly to a trite visual condensation of a marriage, the latter with a clearly/crudely fake (à la the gopher in Caddyshack) racoon who had just attacked Harold, so it was sorta self-defense. Even my sensitive self couldn't get too upset, despite hating to see either subject associated with guffawing and tossed off for comic effect, even when it's not the central focus. But the movie was actually pretty smart, in general---more than I'd expected it to be. Plus the matter-of-fact way they treat aspects of being of color and of being gay-bashed, fer instance, is out of the ordinary for this sort of film, I'd say---or for Hollywood in general. It was pretty thoroughly diverting, at the very least. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes---out of the movie and ready for more White Castles! Back for the last bites of the evening:

L stylized Mmmmmmmm. S stylized

neon last bites

All in all, it was a wonderful night.

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