'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Well, I got 'er finished last night--- the first bow tie I've used a sewing machine on.  And she's a beaut.  But a beaut who's SUIB.  That's my corrected acronym (had to amend my post from yesterday about it; see that here).

So whaddaya think?  Quite something, is it not?  I'm simultaneously drawn to it and appalled at its garishness.  Now that's art.

One of our new guys was telling us this morning about a post, on Instagram maybe it was, of some American in Poland showing us that the paczki are almost ready, with a photo of a dead/leafless tree with a buncha paczki poked onto its branches.  Speaking of art.

Speaking of paczki, mmmmmmmm.  Custard.

Somebody else said there's some inclination to call Fat Tuesday something else now, like "Festive Tuesday".  Ho and hum!  And I don't mean ho like Roseanne Barr meant ho when she said MeToo people are hos and she knows a ho when she sees one.  Not that she's actually seen them.  I presume.

I added some plastic beads from my desk to my "look" today, to Mardi Gras it up, the colors already being in the ballpark.  The T-shirt is my robot taking a bath shirt.

Sewing class again tonight.  Last time we got as far as sewing one inseam of our pants.  The instructor suddenly worried that I might have cut mine wrong when the legs looked short, but it was because the crotch is lower in the fatter cut, on accounta you need some material to accommodate a belly and a considerable butt.  I explained that too her matter-of-factly, but she and a classmate or two seemed mildly scandalized that I would speak so openly of the unspoken horror of culturally demonized bodily proportions, even in a body proportions context.  And that surprised me!  Nice, I guess, that I forget sometimes.

Noir Alley is back this weekend, with ol' favorite D.O.A.  It's so cheesy and great.  And one helluva premise.
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