'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

intermittent surreality

now with snow

fast-falling fat flakes,
ever so slightly
d   d   d   d   d
 i    i     i    i    i
  a   a   a   a   a
   g   g   g   g   g
    o   o   o   o   o
     n   n   n   n   n
      a   a    a   a   a
        l    l     l     l    l

except that backwards

accept that backwards

accept sensation, however
foggy, sloggy, unrealish, dull
until the directed mind makes them acute

i bought fleece

i walked the store for an hour
hardly noticing what i was doing

i also have a rainbow mesh
and maybe organza
i hope it's organza
i like "organza"

roma is beautfiul
and if you haven't seen it do

its thing:  long long shots,
in grays and white, with slow sudden
other stuff happening besides
what we're watching

un-toy examples:  someone landing
in a giant net, shot out of a cannon,
behind the muddy streets; someone
with a gun suddenly someone we know

it's the best picture
but i can live with best director
which it damned well better
and the whole-film trophy
can be the favourite's, or black panther's

i'm sure the favourite's not the favorite

we now return you to your irregular
-ly schedule livejournal
Tags: poetry

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