'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Lisa, Episode One

I started to think about who would play whom in the movie of my life, but I'm turning into Cecil B. Freakin' DeMille, fer cryin' out loud---these are the (major) roles I have to fill for just the part before I leave Kansas (the first time) (at age 10):

Jenny Powers
Jenny's hip mother
Brad Eads
Clinton Eads
Linda C. (who STILL doesn't know she's a dyke)
Lisa S. (who does know she is)
Tom "Rubberbones" Strafuss, and maybe his sister Paula
the Garrett boys
Scott, who introduced me to magnets & iron filings
David Crumm, who flunked kindergarten
Mr. Trenapole, the mean guy across the street
Lisa Anthony
her older brother Chris, who seemed like quite the hippie (and was probably 12)
Lisa Engler
Pete Engler
Steve Engler
Leo Engler
Marty Engler
at least another Engler or two
that grad student who was always around helping Mom with the groceries & stuff---Pete?
Vince Gillespie
Don Stewart
that other friend of Dad's from the faculty who lived up toward Tuttle Creek & could pick things up with his toes---what the heck was his name (I remembered it still last time I lived there)--John? I'm thinking "London" but that's wrong
Mrs. Begnoche, my first favorite teacher
Mrs. Sweet
Mrs. Stuckey
Bob, who spoke only Spanish
that kid on strange crutches, who later died
Mrs. Wilcox, my next favorite teacher
Mr. What's-His-Name, the drum teacher who threatened to boil one in a picklebarrel
Vernon Switzer and his mother (essential in the Fort Riley incident)
Uncle Orville, Emporia campus cop (all of these are GREAT aunts & uncles---got no regular ones)
Aunt Dora
Uncle Ed
Aunt Dorothy, with the hilarious laugh
Uncle Fletcher
Aunt Marea, Merl's silliest sister
Uncle Johnnie (who had been a drunk)
Aunt Zoe, in Council Grove
Uncle Henry
Aunt Myrtle
and of course my namesake, in KC (on The Paseo), Aunt Louise, and
her husband whose first name we never knew, Uncle Guthrie
Adelaide, Merl's buddy
Julie Graham (Robbie's first love?)
the Kirks
the babysitter who lost her shoe while sitting us & we had to buy her TWO to replace it

And speaking of that, Robbie, the time has come to fess up: did you steal her shoe? I personally never bought the theory that the dog buried it in the compost pile. After all, it was during that same babysitting experience that you chose to EAT the Community Chest card rather than suffer its consequences (a move I still don't accept as legit). Yeah, and you FLUSHED one of the Chance ones, too, right? Clearly you were in a "playful" space, to say the least . . .

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