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Bow Tie Tuesday

Tonight was the lucky 3rd try:  we actually had our first sewing class.  I don't know that I could duplicate the drawing up of the thread from the bobbin yet, without assistance, at least from the manual, but i did get the machine threaded and succeeded in doing a little sewing.  It was rather a thrill.

Most of my classmates also have/had mothers who used sewing machines.  Some of them also wore things Mom made, when they were young, as I did.  Some were also intimidated by the machine.  I got a laugh out of them, describing the shirt I made in jr. high.  No injuries were sustained, and I think all will be back next week.
It's the State of the Union night.  Ugh.  I'm going to watch the premiere of "American Soul" instead.  Lotsa old R&B, suave Don Cornelius, and amazing dancing, plus clothes and hair.  And shoes?  I mean, I know they'll have shoes, but are shoes part of clothes?

Poll #2089609 Are shoes clothes?

Are shoes clothes?

I do

I lean toward skipping a Detroit thing Friday.  Don't have to decide just yet.  Do need to call the health insurance people and nail down a few things.  Like finding out whether the singles* vaccine is covered.  I don't look forward to wrangling that stuff.  But I'm doing it cuz you gotta do what you gotta do to take care of yourself, girl, right girl? right girl.

Our City Council last night resolved that the citizenry should boycott Wendy's.  I get the issue involved, but it still seems funny to me.  So specific.  Tho it could be moreso.  Cuz they are asking us to boycott the single with cheese, and the Frosty, and the chicken-and-somethin' watery salad, and the chili they make out of the old burgers.  So it'd be even funnier if the resolution mentioned stuff like that.

The cat wants to walk on the keyboard now, so I conclude this post.

*shingles  (but it was funnier as I typed it)

P.S.  The tie is a rerun.
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