'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

10:31pm. -16 degrees.

The window I put the plastic on has little dots of ice formed on it, on the outside.  This laptop is cold to lay my hands on.  There's definitely a cold thinness in the air in here.  Taking a big breath feels a little like taking a first breath outside in the fresh air after being in an overheated office.

This first of the hunker-down days has been about keeping warm, surviving, and distracting myself.  I'm hoping the night will go relatively well, and I won't wake up with a headache, and tomorrow I can be more about doing stuff around the house.  I did a few little things, but there's so much I could do.

On the snow day Monday I was wishing for a correspondent I owed a letter to.  I haven't felt that way today, mostly.  This brings me to thoughts of balance and discipline.

The air pressure isn't particularly unusual in this vortex.  Nonetheless I feel a tad light-headed.  And I'm yawny.  Maybe I can go to sleep early.  I don't mind missing the apex of the event.  Or the nadir, I guess it would be.  Somethin' like that.
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