'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Just getting dark now. Down to -11.

We’ve got another 5 degrees to go, overnight, the latest forecast has it. I put plastic film over one window. The chill really does seep in, however much the furnace churns away.

Currently playing at A2 Polar Vortex Home Cinemas 1 (which has 1 screens): In Name Only (1939), in which Cary Grant’s wife is fighting him not to divorce her to be with Carole Lombard 3 years before she dies in a plane crash on the way back from a war bond rally in Indiana. We root against the wife, because she only wants Cary for social status, which we know for sure cuz her lover killed himself when she married Cary to begin with.

Tonight I may well sleep in a(n original-sense) nightcap.

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