'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Postcard of the Day

I'm gonna leave the front of this one out in the open, cuz I like looking at it:

And here's my online-translator guess at the text (if you've got some Swedish, and/or alternate handwriting theories, please share):

Älskade moster,
Jack för brefvet
Det skull varet
trevlet att helsa
på hos eder.  Vet
ente om jag kan
lemna hemma.
Edith är ej så
bra.  Kära härsn-
ing fran oss alla, till
[eder?].  From your sister, Emily H. I/c. of Nels. Gustafson

Beloved aunt,
Jack for the glacier
It would be nice
to heal with you. Know
if I can leave home.
Edith is not that
good. Dear Lord, from all of us, to
[you?].  From your sister, Emily H. I/c. of Nels. Gustafson

(Wouldn't it be cool if there's an expression "Jack for the glacier", maybe meaning something like "By golly" or "Holy Moly"?  I'm not going to google that so I don't find out there isn't.)
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