'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

when I have Alzheimer's...

. . . you'll probably find me, while I'm thinking people in the room are others who are long-dead & like that, singing the theme from "L.A. Law." Who knows why, but it's burned into my grey matter pretty good, as I find myself humming or whistling it to myself, or just hearing it in my head, shockingly often. Eight or ten times a year, easy.

Where does it come from? What prompts it? I'm reasonably certain it isn't playing regularly in supermarket Muzak loops. Is there a strain that reminds me of it, scooting my mental needle over into that groove (or whatever the laser equivalent for CDs would be)?

I don't even particularly like the song. I guess I did watch the show somewhat faithfully, at least during that little spell with the (still rare at the time) lesbian subplot & kiss action.

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