'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I just ordered me a ticket for Mary Poppins.

It seems like the movie to see this holiday break.

At some point I want to see The Favorite, I think.  But I have to feel up to actual queerness with Emma S.  Seems iffy for tomorrow.

Among foodstuffs I've laid in, I picked up some brisket from Satchell's BBQ yesterday.  It is SO good.

I'm looking forward to giving myself presents and seeing how I like them.  Yesterday I really worked that joke, speculating on Lisa's reactions and the likelihood of our having similar opinions, in a lingering twinkley-eyed conversation that seems to me just now a tiny little bit like, say, the ending of Now, Voyager (but with no tobacco sticks).

Mary Poppins II: Mary Poppins Returns is showing signs of selling out at holiday screenings around here.  At first I thought the actor playing her was the woman from Masters of Sex.  But it's someone I've only seen in The Devil Wears Prada, years ago, and Into the Woods.  They're saying she's fun, in that uptight Poppins-y way.

Stay tuned for 1 more Christmas postcard, and then some winter ones until some New Year's ones.

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