'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

slept through my meeting

Alarm clock setting failure.  And here before a major holiday.

But it's good to've gotten plenty of sleep.  After I realized a mad dash would get me there only for the last half an hour, if that, I just lingered and played games and let cats sleep on and around me.  Now I've got some laundry going and some cereal in me, and I ordered a cheap tailored shirt online (!), and I'll continute getting it together and deciding how to shape the day.

It's easier to go to the grocery store when I'm already out.  I think this goes back to when I had a dog and liked to tack it onto being out for other things, so's to have fewer times I'd have to leave the dog and then come back.  Fewer frozen Kongs.  One less need to get her tired and satisfied to chill out for a while.  Plus only going to the store once I'd gotten her settled seemed like a bit of a waste of an out-the-house occasion, being gone maybe only an hour, or even less.

I also don't yet have food ideas in mind for the next several days.  Maybe I'll just go to the store tomorrow, and think about food plans vaguely before then.

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