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Bow Tie Tuesday

Hello, people.  Happy BTT to you.  I just finished this one late last night.  I've got another owl one coming soon (store-bought), so, as I told the father of BTT at the office today, before long I will have a choice of which of my (plural) owl bow ties I want to wear.

But it won't be BTT at the office again for three weeks now.  That's a fortnight and a half.  We'll see whether I wear bow ties on the coming Tuesdays on which I won't see those folks.

It's funny I'd be wearing owls today when KC mentioned the possibility of one what-you-might-call falling out having had a deeper impact on me than I'd seemingly given it credit for.  It does seem worth considering that the experience may have done me damage in ways and/or to extents I hadn't been conscious of.  Not that I hadn't considered it a big thing.  To the contrary.

Starting next year, my office is going to make the days between Christmas and New Year's all no-work days.  It doesn't give us any more time off; it just insists that we use 32 hours of it then.  They're pretty generous with the time off, and I don't have much of a complaint about that part.  But I like having the option of working on at least some of those days.  So I wrote to admin-y folks today, raising potential mental health issues as the main point in my request that they reconsider.  It is a potential mental health issue for me, at least.  I know there are others at my office who were unhappy with the change, even though by far most of the office takes all those days off anyway.  Usually a few of the copy editors are working, however.  Perhaps they'll reconsider.

Hey, want to see my holiday decorating for this year?  I didn't feel like putting up my stocking, since now I don't have a dog to put up a stocking for too, but I did take some recent linear fabric scraps and toss 'em on the tree-like bush outside my front door.

It's maybe a little Charlie-Brown-tree sad, all sloppy and scrappy, but it makes me smile.  Too bad I didn't have a skinny strand from that white one with the colorful leaf-like flecks.  That'd add a little festive-lookin'-ness.  The scrap from that one isn't skinny.
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