'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Took today off.  After an appointment I took a drive.  It wasn't a particularly grand drive.  I'da had more fun playing games on my phone.  But it was easy on my knee.  I've decided to take it easy on it, for real, for a stretch of days, see what that does.

Today's bow tie, a rerun, took almost as long to put on as it would've taken to tie one.  Those little clasp thingies are hard when your fingernails are very short.  Somebody oughta come up with a better way.

It's the last week of the leave year at work.  I have tomorrow morning off too, and may shave a few more hours.  Friday is the office party, which is back at Weber's, where it was my first year, two weeks after I'd started the job, thus in no shape to guess who the people in baby photos grew into, on accounta I didn't know the grown-ups yet.
Tags: btt

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