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I'm trying to be good about the painkillers, but right now I'm partially drugged, as I try to get Isaac's box second-read in time for him to take it down to Production by 2:00. (Not the most interesting of our jobs here, to say the least---though sometimes there's an absorbing paper that draws me in. None in this box so far, though. "A Free Boundary Problem Modelling the Electrolysis of Aluminum" just isn't doing it for me.)

The drugging is for my chronically lousy shoulder, a condition exascerbated by my falling flat on my face the other day. Got X-rayed yesterday, in anticipation of a visit to the Spine Clinic later this month. I like that name---Spine Clinic. I picture spines walking in the door (or floating, more like); spines sitting in a waiting room; spines perched, with varying curvatures, on the ends of examination tables, barely making indentations in the protective paper that keeps your ass (or the end of your spine) from touching the actual vinyl.

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