'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Ronald Reagan story; Kansan Texans; more bad communication & some ambivalence; 7 simple machines

It seems Ronald Reagan was the guest announcer for half an inning of a Texas Rangers game some years ago; according to one of my just-departed houseguests, while he was doing the "not-of-color" commentary (or whatever one might call it), the regular announcer made reference to Julio Franco, who was getting ready to bat or something. Reagan then---I imagine with his "charming" chuckle---expressed relief that the announcer had said the name first, for he wasn't sure whether it was pronounced that way or "JEW-lee-oh."

It was good to have you ladies here, B. & M. (though M. I know you're probably not out there reading). Too bad Pudge couldn't play on his own bobblehead night. I still haven't heard why he wasn't there, so am going with the theory that he was too embarrassed (until I hear otherwise). But that Johnny D. sure was the hottest thing in the ballpark with simple genitals, wasn't he? (tee hee hee)

Well, everybody, I had quite the time with these guests, and the folks I managed to introduce 'em to. One more houseguest on tap now. Talked to her earlier tonight.

H. called, too. [snip; cut by suggestion] Just tonight I was reading an e-mail from Polly, who wrote of having recently experienced "amazing use of the lever, one of the 7 simple machines I learned about in 7th-grade physics but had never fully appreciated until now." [snip again]

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