'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I forgot to mention in what's up

not only that today was flu shot day, but that the other evening I had another of those idiopathic anaphylaxis-like experiences.  That puts it about 6 months since the last one.  Thus it was the first time I had an epipen available.  But I didn't need it.  The spell passed fairly quickly, if quite unpleasantly.  Left me zonked, though, as well as a tad shaken, and I went to bed before dark and stayed there for 12 whole hours.  I suppose it's not surprising that I didn't sleep the next night, which was last night.

Fingers crossed tonight will be regular sleep, and I won't have to work late tomorrow to make up for going in late.

I wanna go to the bagel shop and get some of them coffee drinks.  Mmmm.

I stopped watching endlesstrumpTV tonight and switched to Hank Hill, disillusioned about propane, which is really something.

You may think Hank Hill would be a Trump supporter, but no way.  He wasn't even a Dubya supporter, on accounta Bush's wimpy handshake.
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