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birthday recollection(s)

Well, vachementmoi, my brother, who never remembers my birthday, called me this year. I have no clue how it suddenly popped into his head, but it was kinda nice---he being my only living blood relative and all. (Yes, I'm an orphan girl.) So maybe that was all the unlikely remembering the universe could manage yesterday.

I've always thought that my birthday isn't all that important to me, but talking to the girlfriend last night I realized I carry the memory of some lousy birthday incidents from my teenage years---and there are probably more I don't recall. One of THOSE, in fact, I know about only because one of my gifts was a little portable cassette recorder, into which I popped the short sample tape that came with it and thus with which I recorded the remainder of the birthday session. Found it years later---it's a bizarre archival item.

I still have old answering machine tapes from my 20's and early 30's, too---some day I'll sit down and play some of 'em. Many dead people will be featured.

Anybody else have tapes of the dead?

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