'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

I'm not too sure about these colors (the maroon shirt w/the tie).  I'm really pushing it by wearing a pink hat today, too.  Oh well.  I never claimed to have a classic fashion sense.

In addition to being Bow Tie Tuesday, apparently today is National Bow Tie Day.  Fortunately it fell on a Tuesday this year.  (This tie has appeared before here.)

It seems to be business as usual with my chorus, despite what seems to me like a very dark cloud.  The "town hall" meeting isn't, as I thought at first, to get input from membership on what to do; it's more like to say what's happening and let people vent and accept it to whatever extent we accept it.  I hate being in a position in which I suspect I may not be able to accept it, and may have to lose that part of my life.  That's not a loss I want, or have anticipated.  My hope that the guy would step aside for the good of the group didn't work out.  And the group itself looks to be going the ostrich route.

I have, just now, regarding all that, a kind of weariness in anticipating sadness, with unpleasant conflict looming in the meantime.

This is a good time (all except financially) to be starting back up with my analyst (who isn't officially an analyst).

Tonight, however, I am going to eat some food and chill out.  Except it's not chill.  It's the last hot night of a little spell of bad sleeping weather.  Running the fan all night.

I want a cheeseburger.  But I have non-cheeseburger food at home.  Non-cheeseburger dinner tonight.
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