'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Today's bow tie is seersucker.

I got it when it wasn't yet summer, and now here I am finally breaking it out.  I have only one more brand new bow tie, and then also a few that haven't appeared yet in Bow Tie Tuesdays.  After that, unless somehow I come into some new ties, it'll be reruns, or scrap the feature, or one then the other (the first then the second, obviously).

I've been using Bow Tie Tuesday as a reason to make a sort of check-in-with-the-day post, via the text that I type before and after the tie pix.  That way at least once in a week I use my words, and not just my postcard pictures.  And my bow tie pictures.

This is just a detail of a whole outfit, on accounta my straw fedora sorta matches the brown It's Not Rocket Surgery T-shirt.  Matching is a factor in "outfit".  Plus the bow tie and the hat are both "other" "gender" type items, so that's a form of matching (and matchingly not matching).  And the lines on the straw interweaving run diagonally, sorta, as do the lines on the tie, alternating with lighter colors too.

Right now I have a long-sleeve shirt with doubled square lines on it on me too, and that plus the fact that I'm wearing shorts gives the ensemble an imbalance that's jaunty.  And my shoes have stripes on 'em, but my socks have dots on 'em.

Thus concludeth today's sartorial musings.

In spiritual news, how do ya make a sense of loss less sad?  Not intellectually.  Heart-y-ly.  Spiritually.  Somethin' like that.  I get stuck on this thing like nuthin' else, and like somethin' else, at the same time, cuz it's that intertwiny.  It sucks, and it seems as if things would be so much better if I could just get over such biz, but I cannot make myself do it.  Sometimes.  It just goes so deep.  Insert metaphor here.
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