'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Here it is again, Bow Tie Tuesday.  It's not super-hot any more, but it's muggy, and feels good to be outside in a thin cotton top with nothing tied around my neck, and also with bell bottoms bouncing as I walk.  (Up with Bell Bottoms--- ooh, there's a T-shirt or tattoo idea.)

So here's my choice for observing the day today:

While I was out on break I not only bought lunch, even though I really shouldn't be buying lunch, what with being back to paying money-for-nuthin' not-on-the-MTV in the form of interest on debt I haven't managed to 0% (where "0%" is a verb), but I also stopped and did my civic duty.  In other words,


Guess the dog days of August are crankin' up.  It'd be nice to get away, and not to Aggieville.  Buying lunch is more economically sound than the idea I have of going up to the U.P. for a night or two, since I ain't never been, and to get away.

There's a cool Airbnb treehouse a coupla hundred kilometres northwest of Montreal, too.  As long as I'm fantasizing.  Who wants to head up there with me for a little get-away?  And shall we fall in love, while we're at it, to give us something extra fun to throw in the mix of hangin'-out activities?

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