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The Big Lebowski had technical problems, sort of the nowaday equiv of the film breaking and a good chunk of the middle of it burning up or getting lost in the splice, but not being able to figure that out without watching 5 minutes beyond the gap and then going back to 10 minutes before the break and watching up to the break again.  In other words, refund and exit air conditioning, earlier than planned.

I drove out to the hotel hosting the politcal rally, which is free, and turned around when I saw the hotel is getting $5 a car for parking.  F that.  Then I drove by the new hand-pulled noodle place, but it was too hot to be hungry again after eating popcorn.  And it's kinda too hot for swimming still.  I mean, I'll feel better once I get in, unless something glitchy happens to put the kaibosh on that too.  Meanwhile I've stopped at the library to suck up an hour of free a/c and then get suited up and ready for the pool.

Really oughta stop at the store tonight.  I got the trash out when I went home for the swimming stuff.  Still strange, being able to go home, bop in for something, and go right back out again.  The cats don't care.  The cats haven't been dying to see me and to get outside to pee and to hang out cuz YAY YOU'RE HOME.  Tho usually at least one greets me.  That's probably left over from the pre-dog days, when (more out of a being-picked-up training than a door-greeting one) I accustomed them, new to the household, to having an interaction with me as soon as I arrived back at the house (or right after I, like, put groceries away).

I so don't want to go walk down aisles tonight just so I can have yogurt tomorrow.  I don't really need to have yogurt tomorrow.  Or to start the week with a variety of foodstuffs to make a variety of more-or-less balanced meals with.  I have, like, a dozen snap peas left.  And I dunno.  Some frozen something, surely.  There's no chorus tomorrow night.  I can go get yogurt then.

Why I am subjecting you all to this stream-of-consciousness?  It was the next thing that occurred to me to do when I realized that it probably wasn't the first computer I was assigned to here that had broken audio but these cheap-ass earbuds not working at all.  Or else two machines in a row have broken audio.  Which is not entirely out of the realm of possibilities.  But it's enough for me to decide I don't really need to do audio things here.  And it fits with the theme of glitchiness, to accept that I don't get sound this time.

I'll have two new library books to take to the pool

---GLITCH #4---
All the computer in the library froze right after I'd typed that.  I was gonna go to another window and see what books were waiting to tell you, and suddenly nothing would respond.  It took 'em a while to figure it out.  All of us slowly making our way to the help desk, like all of us in the theater today slowly making our way to "Guest Services".  The glitchiness continues!

The library books awaiting me are three, actually.  A book of essays about Wes Anderson films, a book of art inspired by Wes Anderson films, and a book called Mini Amigurumi, by the nicely named Sara Scales, about crocheting (not knitting) little things.  Probably none of these will be very good pool reading, compared to the options I already have in the car.

Speaking of, I reckon it's time to go ahead and find out whether anything's glitchy at the pool.  Here's a bonus Postcard of the Day, in that spirit, with one more little precursor of Message Week:

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