'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

It's a hot one today.

I cut the wisteria back offa the roof and finished filling the compost bin, when it was still maybe 85°F.  The sun was in my face at the top of the ladder, but there was a nice 3-foot shady strip I could stand in to cut up things and stuff 'em in one of my old rubber(?) compost trash cans for hauling out front, to dump on top of the stuff I cut up toward the beginning of the week.  I've filled the compost thing every week this summer, and I've still made pitifully little progress in the jungle out back.  And the deck's rotting in more places than it was before.  There's other deterioration to face, every time I go back there.  Oh for the money to have professionals cut it all down, take out the old deck, build a new deck, put in some kind of turf, and construct a fence.  And then when I got me a doggie she could just go out back sometimes.

That's only one fantasy of having more money.  But it's one I have right now.  Some of it I really couldn't do myself.  A lot of it, really.  So I don't really know what the point of me trying to clear out what I can clear out, hour after hour, except maybe that it's good to get stuff down from growing up the roof that was new last year.  And now if I need to or want to I could probably enter and exit the house by the back door, which I think will now open.  Not sure.  Haven't tried yet.  But it doesn't have jungle right outside it any more.

So in a little bit I'm gonna go to the movies and then maybe go to a political rally in Ypsi, or maybe go to swim.  I think there might be a lot of standing to get in to the rally.  Swimming has the edge right now.  The movie is The Big Lebowski, which I haven't seen since it came out.  It's making appearances at cinemas today and Wednesday, as part of a 20th-anniversary tour.  When I saw it, I was a member of something called Cinema Sundays, at the Charles, in Baltimore, when it was still just one screen and kinda grungy.  It seems like that was a lot longer ago than 20 years ago.  I'm pretty sure it was for that film that my ex's mother was in town, and she had a grand time, being one of the people who asked questions after the film.  It was a Sunday morning series, getting films that hadn't come out yet or were otherwise special-seeming.  And there were bagels, and cream cheese, and I think lox, too---could that be true?  There were definitely lots of Jewish people.  It was great.  One time Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara came to talk about something they were screening and talking about their son in his early days in the industry.  The club's still going, sez the internet.

Speaking of 20th anniversaries, here's an embarrassing confession, before I head out for the film:  I've been watching Big Brother this year, which is in its 20h season.  I've seen 1 or 2 "regular" seasons of it and 1 "celebrity" season.  Outta curiosity I went back to see what the first season was like.  Unfortunately it has something like 75 episodes--- it was on every night.  And it was way different, and had cheesy music that felt like the '80s, and had pseudo-science and faux concerns for the participants' mental health, and a lot of "world wide web" novelty.  And more chores and unpleasantry for the houseguests.  And they called what they call "eviction" now "banishment".  And "America" voted, via a 900 number (that's a number you had to pay to call), for who would be sent packing, after everyone nominated two people.  And in the middle they brought a pug into the house.  A pug who liked to eat Taco Bell tacos in the real world.  And the sexism was worse.  This much I've noticed from sampling parts of every third or fourth episode of it.

Big Brother often makes me think of Chris Wms, my former coworker, who was disappointed not to be chosen for the show.  I bet he sent them a helluvan audition tape.

I wish they'd have Big Brother with fat old people.  All fat old people, and more of them of color than not.  Okay maybe there could be one token young person and one token not-fat person.

Time to head to the air-conditioning.  Later, people.

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