'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Postcard of the Day

This one's supposed to sorta preview another Message Week, next week at Postcard of the Day.  It seems Ben W. Bentley of little Albia, Iowa, sent this card to his friend (whose name I can't make out for sure) in little Newman, Illinois, but she didn't play.

Miss Mamie J. Davis?  Miss Marrie Davis?  That's an e at the end of her first name, per Ben's way of making cursive l.c. "e"s that look like what we think of as u.s. "E"s.  (Somebody else in the coming Message Week used that form too.)  The technique of tracing that first letter of her last name as if I were writing it isn't making me as confident of a D there as I'd like to be.

Your theories welcome.

BTW, I didn't pay $15.00 for this card.  It was in a lot of 4 that started at $1, and I didn't bid.  The others were all blank cards like this, but of a slightly different design.


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