'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

which movie . . .

Harold & Kumar, cuz it seems to be being well-received, and cuz I became a slider enthusiast a few years ago? and I speak stoner?

The Manchurian Remake, cuz it's being better-received than I'd expected, and cuz the original came on TV last night, and I watched it through the fuzz until 2 in the morning?

De-Lovely, cuz it's got Cole Porter songs & I'm curious about its presentation of queerness/bisexuality, plus cuz it's probably got interpersonal angst and maybe even something about those without the courage (and/or whatever else it takes) to love whole-heartedly ending up miserable? And Andrew Sarris liked it, or seemed to in the part of his review I glanced at (and according to the rottentomatoes tomatometer)?

My mood is kinda serious this evening, so I think one of the latter two. Box theater vs the Mich: edge there to De-Lovely; less chance to suck hard, edge there (I think) to the Remake. At least less chance to piss me off royally.

Both have less chance of fat jokes than H & K, but the Cole Porter scene runs more of a risk of shallow looksist aesthetics appearing unchallenged. Yet if concern for that possibility were going to stop me, I wouldn't be seeing many movies. And I do love old standards. Plus... ----ERT! [sound of car coming to sudden braked stop, a la Cynical Man] Just pick one already, okay, Lisa Lou?

THIS JUST IN: Saved by B & T, who called and are up for the Remake. Report to follow.
Tags: movies

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