'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

163,344 → 12,586

Really cut lots work email, I did.    Coulda cut it more but ran out of time.  This before it's switched over to a new dealio.  Computer guy is happy I got rid of so much.  Later maybe I'll keep it going and pare it down to 1500 or so.

Have a follow-up Mo appt tomorrow and then go in to the office in time for a dept meeting.  After that, my computer may be ready for me again.  If not, I dunno, maybe I'll try to re-do the 72-pencil sculpture.

Went to the pool after work.  It was a little chilly out of the water in the breeze, when wet.  I read some Oliver Sacks and some Primates, a graphic not-novel-but, like, professional biography of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birut Galdikas.  Then a friend joined me to hang out the last 45 mins or so that the pool was open.  She'd had a hard day.  I've been having a coupla tricky days myself.

I think I might want to write about that some.  But not now.

I don't have to take the kitten in until 11, so I don't exactly have to go to bed early, but here I am, pool-tired.  Maybe I'll just end up dozing in this chair.  That wouldn't require me getting up and going to another room.

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