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Sunday Sunday

I'm boiling water for spaghetti, mostly for eating later in the week.  I'm not even gonna make a proper pasta sauce until some other night.  It's just weirdly not hot today, and seems like I oughta take advantage of that by, say, boiling a big pot of water.

Apart from a trip to the store, it's been a work-at-home day for me.  Got the compost bin full of cut-up things that'd been drying in piles, and cut a bunch more things down out back to start drying.  Other weekend stuff.  Just a few chores to finish up yet this evening.

Yesterday I went to the Detroit suburbs, cuz why not.  The movie I wanted to see was only playing here at a theater that's in the middle of Art Fair, so I ended up in a mall cinema for Three Identical Strangers.  Thumbs up on that one, btw.  I could stare at their faces for another 2 hours, easy.  Also thumbs-up to the trailer for the Pooh movie coming, and for the Dolby logo tag trailer thingie:

I'd headed that way early and had a late breakfast at a chain that's going to open here next year in what used to be a Max and Irma's.  Or maybe Erma's.  But I think Irma's.  This place is Anna's.  Maybe Anna broke up Max and Irma by sleeping with one or both of them and then bought their building in the bitter split that followed.

Of course that's not really it, but I like it.  It'd be nice if there really were an Anna and a Max and an Irma and a T.J. Maxx and a P.F. Chang and an A.B.C. Appliances.

Seemed like every place I went yesterday they were playing songs that were popular when I was in college.  The one I was most tritely into was the Talking Heads' "Take Me to the River", which I'd not heard in quite a while.  The mall the movie was in reminded me of back in the day in a DC or Balto suburb, going to malls.  Driving around later, I turned around in the parking lot of another mall, which was HUGE.

The Detroit suburbs are weird.  All those north-south and east-west main roads, with businesses along them, and so much land like that.  I think I feel more comfortable in a town that feels like it started in some small place many decades ago and has grown from there, with vestiges of its earlier lives still showing.  There are some once-towns like that tucked in there in places (north and west of Detroit), but you don't see them just driving around, seems like.  Or you can do a lot of driving around and not run into one unless you try.  Or I sure did, north and west of the city, yesterday.

I'm quite pooped for this time of the evening.  I've already finished the so-far run of "Killing Eve", but now there are versions of the episodes with previously deleted scenes.  I could watch some of that again.  Whatever I do, I want to do some of it with my feet up.

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