'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

pretty quiet birthday

Been pretty solitary, apart from seeing folks at the office and electronic communications.  I decided to save seeing a movie for the 4th of July during the day, in case I want some a/c; it's not too bad tonight.  In fact, I took myself for a long walk after eating the fflo-pleasing supper I'd brought home, cuz I noticed that my knees were doing quite well.  My feet got a bit sore, and one hip wasn't as no-hitch fluid as it'd been earlier, plus a woman down the street made me cry, and I didn't realize 'til I got home how warm I'm gotten, but it was good to be moving, and I was smelling things a lot (cuz I'm in a spate of extra-sensitive sense of smell, who knows why, this happens to me sometimes), and I met a dog called Lu (short for Luda) at the house behind the windchimes house, and more than one cat came over to interact with me, which was weird.  I mean, cats used to do that.  Cats'd stopped doing that for a long time.

So I took a shower to cool off, which worked, and had a little anxiety during that, but it passed, and now I'm gonna put my foot in the faciitis brace & play with the play foam I bought yesterday along with the pretty elephant towel


I will then lean back onto in this chair with my wet hair while I put my feet up & watch some more of The Music Man, quite probably the film I have seen the highest number of times.
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