'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I've spent most of the day at the library.

It's almost cold in here.

I wrote a coupla short letters and a little journaling and had a bagel sandwich and got all the branch codes for the Summer Game and talked to Peter on the phone and then in person.  I played phone games and read two Dr. Seuss books and basically spent a whole lotta time not baking in the not-hot air.

Yesterday was the office picnic, at Gallup for the first time, right by the pond I took the dog to to swim-fetch.  And I told just about everybody there whom-I-might-reasonably-expect-to-listen all about it.  They talk about crazy cat ladies, but the real crazy lady is the one whose dog has died.

I guess I'll head back out into the heat now.  Too late to go by the pharmacy and see if the coupon I got will indeed get me a pair of epipens fer nuthin'.  Me and my strikingly good cholesterol and blood sugar but still lousy triglycerides, and my heap of pessimism about the way those numbers will've gone by the next time I get them measured.  So maybe tomorrow for the pharmacy, and a fireworks tent, if they haven't all combusted from the heat by then.  (I guess they must not do that or it'd be really stupid to have all those tents around in those asphalt parking lots.)

I think I'm hungry again, but dimes to dollars that'll go away as soon as I'm in the heat again.

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