'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

waiting for my phone to synch on my old computer

this is the computer whose keyboard's closing paren and zero key doesn't work.

after this, if i can stand waiting any longer, i'm gonna attempt to reset my wifi router & back-up thingie (a.k.a. "airport"].

i scanned some more postcards, for sometime after Transportation Week.

manny is purringly next to me here, on the metal desk's pull-out thingie, and mo's curled up at the foot of the bed.  feels ike they're in here cuz i am.  'festo, anyway.

one more usage of "thingie" (ding!  there it is] and I have the trifecta.

there's a light rain starting out there.  before i got the dog (and the laptop], i used to sit at this desk a lot, feel-witnessing the weather outside this strange pair of windows that are right on the corner of this house.  the branch the birdfeeder's still on, unfilled for years, is sagging down a bit.  you can see a good distance down the street from here.  perhaps i'll clean this desk off again soon, as i used to do a bit more often.

one winter i had blue lights on the windows in here, and in the living room.  they were especially refractory in here, with the multiple glass panels and the reflections between the two.

this is the opposite of that.  it's very green and many.  greens.  grays and blues are next, with some brown.  a little yellow.  mostly greens.

i like this fresh watery breeze, in the strange light out there.  it's like overcast meets evening meets a muted overlay of the gray-green of storms.

it's so strange, no dog to keep track of.  to bear in mind.  to smell the head of.  to keep out of trouble, until i can't keep her out of trouble any more.

here comes the woman who yelled at me one time not to run her over, when i showed no sign of being about to run her over.  she got her mail and made her way down the dirt road.

i gotta get the dog pix backed up better.  on the other computer, and in the airport thing.  i now have all the pix of the dog i'll have.  weird.

there are sirens out there now.  she didn't like sirens.  she'd howl at sirens.

finally, the phone's backed up & sunch.

this concludes this set of sentences in clusters and lowercase letters.  we now return you to your otherwise scheduled livejournal/dreamwidth.
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