'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

I'll wear a bow tie next week.

That's my plan.

Tonight I have another social engagement to engage in and be engaged by.  Had one last night, which was pleasant.  I think "one day at a time", which you only really need to think when you're trying to think in bigger chunks than that.

Every (early) summer our town has a weeks-long festival that has lotsa indoor concerts and every-day (except Monday I think) outdoor stuff--- music, a few acts like acrobats, kid things, some food & drink, our local celebrity 3D chalk artist, and films when it gets dark & it's not Friday or Saturday.  This year, bad townie, I didn't even realize it'd started until it'd been going on for a good while.  I wonder whether wandering around there'll give me some bigger fraction of the steps in a day I was taking with the dog to walk.  I sure have tailed off dramatically.  Even when I deliberately go walk with the intention of getting some walking in.  It's just not the same ratcheting up on the movement front.

In other physiological news, I've been waking up with a sticky kinda dry mouth thing, many days recently.  I probably wonder more whether it's indicative of Something because I took my dog in to the vet cuzza her being unusually thirsty for a stretch of days, and boy did that turn out to be Something.  I'm due for a physical pretty soon, tho.  And way overdue for the dentist.  Sigh.  Like I literally sigh when I think about rallying to take care of myself those ways.  Or I did just then.

I think I've been sighing more these past few deep-breath days.  Maybe that causes dry mouth.  Which makes me sigh thinking about it.  And around and around we go.

I'm getting off that carousel now and getting back to work.  Will post a postcard, however.  In a gesture to everyday life.
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