'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

another vet call

Her liver function numbers have gotten worse.  Yet she's acting "perkier and feistier".  No appetite.  Transfusion now (help clotting ability) and maybe a steroid tomorrow (help inflammation, not good if it's infectious, but probably the call).  Not in pain.  Acts excited to see the resident and the technician, seems to recognize them now.

Resident calls her "very much in a gray area"--- clearly this means there could be very bad news in the not-distant future.  Yet she's still stable.  And she could still pull through.  Next bloodwork numbers tomorrow.  Biopsy info still won't be back for a while.  Student to call later today with another report.

Bert said his dog Tucker was up there for about two weeks once, and did recover from whatever that long-slog healing had been about--- they never did identify the cause.  I don't care if we never know the cause.  That's not the thing, of course, for me.
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