'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

Here 'tis again, Tuesday.

It's, like, three days since I took off my ring.  It's a Black Hills gold ring I got on that crazy roadtrip to Montana with Suzanne, and that's always kinda been about where-I-come-from, to me, family-wise.  In recent years I've wondered whether my hands had gotten fat enough that I wouldn't be able to take it off if I tried; periodically I could get quite anxious and have to direct my thinking away from the subject, when it occurred to me, often late at night.  Usually nothing had to be unusual to prompt this worry.  Sometimes it'd be an itching or a swelling or some feeling, tho.  So the other day I noticed a little bug bite next to the ring, and it did itch, and it was a little swollen.  Sometimes I'd been afraid to try to take the ring off because what if I can't get it off?  Or what if I can't get it back on?  It's really nuts.  At times I thought I oughta just get it cut off RIGHT NOW to stop the fear (or stop it being attached to the ring, at least).  Well, like I say, I did take it off the other day.  It was a little tough around the knuckle, but I wiggled it off in less than a deep-breath minute.  It's pretty soft metal, that gold, and maybe that helped.

Anyway I see that today I *still* have the two lines creased into my finger where its edges were, and a smooth pale strip where the band went.  Almost like I still have the ring on.

At various times I've had other rings I wore for a while, but that's the one that took, and just stayed there.  I like having rings on.  A thumb ring still feels a little bad-ass to me.  But the others always bothered me, the feel of them, eventually.  Or fell off, or were so loose I was afraid they would, and too tight on other fingers.  And of course that one, "my" ring, it did bother me in that one weird anxiety way.

I may try to put it back on, however, when the bug bite dies down.

Alright, no futher ring-ado, here's my tie:

I'd had a hard time tying it this morning, so I thought a shot with my messy half-wet hair tangled around it would be appropriate.

The shirt's from The Red Roost.

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