'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

I don't feel so hot today, but my bowtie sure came out good, tie-of-bow-wise.

This tie I got cuz I felt sorry for it.  It seemed drab and ill-defined or, like, unfortunately arbitrary in color choices and locations.  Just kinda sad or somethin'.  But it turns out to be working out just fine with a black T-shirt.  It even works with the orange on the back of the shirt (reading THE ORANGE POT IS NOT DECAF), tho of course it doesn't need to work with the back of the shirt, and it's only in a most ancillary way that it would, what with their not being glimpsed together unless through some convoluted-feeling reflection that I won't subject you to or ask myself to photograph.

Maybe I'm still recovering from the concert weekend.  Seems like that's excessive rebound time.  But who knows.  My rebounds ain't what they used to be.

Happy Bow Tie Tuesday to you.

Tags: btt

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