'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

It was quite a day this Bow Tie Tooz.  Spring is in the air.  I tossed and turned most of the night, but somehow the solid two hours' sleep I got once the sun came up was enough, I dunno how, to power me through a pretty nice day.  Only worked half a day.  Put some charms in my Crocs like a little kid (with very big feet) and broke out my new tie, which very-same-tie it turns out the founder of Bow Tie Tuesday at my workplace has bookmarked to buy himself, because he and I have excellent taste:

Lu and I took a nice walk earlier in the evening than I'm usually back in the neighborhood, and had a nice stop along the way.  Pup's pretty sleepy now, and I should be too, but I'm hanging in there a little longer, listening to news about big payments Michael Cohen got.

Earlier today I took a picture of my Jeep's back-up camera monitor, cuz I liked the scene it was showing, with tree shadows across the street, and cars and buildings and the skewed reflection of letters & digits on my license plate.  I Prisma-ed it, and can't decide which one I like most.  Which one do you like most, if you like any and like one most?






I like something about each of them.
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