'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

went out to play

Instead of the pile of housework I'd lined up in my head to do today and tonight, I went out to play. I went out w/my own sweeper-off-of-feet to Cinderella Story, of all things. And you know what? It wasn't that bad. There were some cringes here and there, but in general I was amused and not pissed off, all things considered---not unlike with Anchorman (though Anchorman was more fun) (even the silly flute solo---cracked me right up) (or cracked up my internal adolescent boy).

Besides of course the well-ingrained archetypical Cinderella story, I am also contemplating the metaphorical similarity of my night of transformation, chores-to-movie&popcorn&pop&talk&beer&talk, to the once-famous Calgon commercial. Anybody know/remember what I'm talking about? 10 points to the first to call it up; 25 points if s/he's under 30.

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