'Ff'lo (fflo) wrote,

Bow Tie Tuesday

I'm fixin' to undo this bowtie.  Or I'm gonna before the day's much older, pretty sure.  It's bugging me, for some reason.

I went with a less colorful choice to match the blasé blahs of the past few days.  Even though it's a little better today, I think.  Partly cuz I'm walking better, I imagine.

Still & all (which is a funny expression, isn't it), it's a kinda down time, with me, overall.  Not super down.  But down enough.

On my midday dog walk, I did see the first croci of the year in my yard.  They're pretty late this year.

Hi, Mom, I say to the croci.

So that's something.  Something coming.  Something that will be different, and welcome, and not just because of the Groundhog Day "anything different is good".

Tags: btt

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